Certified organic stock concentrates,
made in Fremantle, Western Australia

Just the
good stuff

In Sustainability: We love the earth.  We continually strive to reduce our footprint.

In Creativity: At the heart of everything we do.

In Love: It makes everything taste better.

In Integrity: We’re uncompromising in our commitment to our customers and the planet.

Beautifully Simple!

There’s no trickery in our jars of stock, just real ingredients bursting with flavour & nutrients. Each jar contains 100% real ingredients: Vegetables, meat (chicken & beef stocks), herbs, spices, apple cider vinegar, olive oil and lake salt. 

That’s it. Simple. Real. Nutritious. Delicious.

We believe
  • I used your amazing vegie stock in a veg lasagne the other night and it was possibly the yummiest thing I’ve ever eaten – I reckon the stock was the winning secret! Nice work!

  • I have used the vegetarian stock at home and loved it.  The extra flavour is wonderful.  

  • “I just wanted to pass on feedback that your product is delicious! I will be purchasing it again.“

  • “Your product is gob-smackingly lip-lickingly completely amazing! The best of its kind. What a BRILLIANT concept.  Don’t change a thing! My No.1 ’go to’ ingredient now on a daily basis! Plus the world’s best coffee substitute in the bargain. Well done. Be encouraged!”

  • We love your products!

  • I have a very sensitive stomach and your product has been so fantastic! I can finally get some flavour back into my food!

  • I just had the pleasure of tasting your vegetable stock, that was delivered with my DinnerTwist box. It tastes amazing!

  • I just wanted to pass on feedback that your product is delicious! I will be purchasing it again.

  • Fantastic Stock, adds a whole new level to a fave recipe

  • I’m loving the new stock concentrate, just amazing

  • Absolutely great products and lovely people. We need more of this kind of thing!!

  • Best stock on the market. Certified organic, palm oil free, plastic free and very economical! Tastes amazing and gives true body of flavour to any dish. Excellent small business ran by an ethical woman

  • I find Urban Forager stock concentrate easy to use, long lasting and full of flavour . I love all three flavours . No fillers or palm oil ????????????????. Great Australian product

  • You can tell a lot of love and care has gone into these products...such organic goodness made by an exceptional woman who has such a love for nature � I love the vege stock...like nothing you’ve ever tried!!

  • Amazing products, great local and ethical business.

  • I love the quality products and the ethos behind them

  • Urban Forager's veggie stock is a mainstay in my kitchen. The best stock available, without a doubt. And I 100% trust that it is all good stuff in there.

    Jai Ram
  • We love Urban Forager stock and use it in pretty much everything we cook. Home cooked foods seem bland without it, it really brings out the flavours of other foods and is so natural and full of organic goodness, it's the first thing we reach for on nights we want to cook from scratch. We use the veggie stock in vegan dishes and other members of the family like the chicken and beef in their meat dishes.

  • A fantastic product! I use it in so many dishes and it makes everything taste amazing.  I also like it that when compared to other stocks it has more natural ingredients, its a winner

  • Nom nom nom - its now soup season!! The BEST chicken stock on the planet, possibly in this universe/known galaxy. If anyone is exploring other planets and wouldn't be back to earth for a long, long time (think of the movie Interseller) - you'd definitely be taking copious amounts of Urban Foragers chicken stock (assuming you could cook of course). We take it camping down south as we can't bare to be without it, which is sort of similar.

  • We love the Umami Broth, so amazing and delicious

    Jason Supreme Shrooms
  • I am teaching my daughter how to cook and these stocks are perfect for our dishes!

  • Just found where I can by Urban Forager Stock and going to buy jars for my beautiful daughters-in-law, I’m making chicken soup tonight!

  • I can safely say that the stocks made by Urban Forager are nothing short of best in class and add a special flavour to your food that cannot be found in big supermarket products. Once you start using the good stuff like this, you will never go back to the mass-produced stuff ever again. Do yourself a favour and put your big supermarket stocks in the bin and start using these products.

  • Great product, and fantastic to see that it's locally made

  • This is the first time I have purchased stock like this. Usually it’s the little wrapped cubes. Love the ease & convenience of this little jar. The flavour is great too

  • So yummy! Perfect for the soups I’ve been cooking in these cooler months

  • Quality, delicious product! This is such a beautiful product. A great one to just tasty up a boring meal with added health benefits! Yum.

  • Delish!! Absolutely loved the quality and flavour of this product – perfect for winter!

  • I really enjoyed the taste of the vegetable stock – great for cooking and super handy in winter – highly recommend

  • Delicious! Enjoyed this as a base for my soup and it was absolutely delicious

  • LOVE!!! I just love this so much, goes a long way and is probably one of the best stock concentrates I’ve had. Loved the veggie one too!

  • This is my go-to chicken stock. I love placing a teaspoon in my rice when cooking, adds a whole other level of flavour!

  • A great flavour and great in chicken soup

  • Great product! Love being able to use this stock in almost anything

  • The ingredient list is incredible, can’t believe the difference in ingredients compared to the supermarket brands

  • Love! This is like liquid gold. So good & tasty and a little goes a long way

  • Great taste for a veggie stock and can be so versatile, as a broth to drink and in your cooking. Love this brand and sooo healthy

  • Delicious and so natural, great in my pasta dish

  • I enjoy trying different stocks as some are quite bland than others, but this was very tasty, lots of flavour

No nasties

We love working with organic farmers to ensure we bring you farm fresh ingredients of the highest quality.  We work hard to source ingredients as close to us here in Fremantle, Western Australia, as possible. 

Our apple cider vinegar is raw unfiltered vinegar from Pemberton; our grassfed organic beef comes from Mumballup; our olive oil is from GinGin; we use vegetables from the Gasgoyne and South West of WA when we can.  Organic chicken has been difficult to source here in WA so we use Inglewood free range, organic chicken from Queensland.

Did you know most stock cubes & concentrates are about 3-4% vegetables?  They’re full of fillers & flavour enhancers like rice and corn flour, sugar, yeast extract and msg.. 

Urban Forager Organic Stock Concentrates are made from 100% pure ingredients. They’re just plain old natural, healthy vegetables, herbs, meat, spices, cider vinegar, olive oil & salt. Being certified organic, you can also be sure our ingredients are free from artificial pesticides and herbicides and grown the way nature intended.

Eat local

Certified Organic


At least 75% vegetables
(and or meat) in each jar


No fillers like rice  flour or yeast extract


Palm Free Oil


Low Food Miles

Free from Fillers & Additives

Good value, local food that tastes great, is easy to use, and is free from extra fillers or additives:  For people who want to feel good about what they eat.

An excellent foundation

Our organic stock concentrates provide a reliable, tasty base for your favourite family recipes. They are made with local, pure ingredients so cooks can focus on creating delicious meals – knowing they’re starting with an excellent foundation.

Value for money, better sustainability

Our products are good value for money, add nutritive value to a healthy diet and our compact, glass packaging is better sustainability compared to liquid stocks.

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