• We love the Umami Broth, so amazing and delicious

    Jason Supreme Shrooms
  • I am teaching my daughter how to cook and these stocks are perfect for our dishes!

  • Just found where I can by Urban Forager Stock and going to buy jars for my beautiful daughters-in-law, I’m making chicken soup tonight!

  • I can safely say that the stocks made by Urban Forager are nothing short of best in class and add a special flavour to your food that cannot be found in big supermarket products. Once you start using the good stuff like this, you will never go back to the mass-produced stuff ever again. Do yourself a favour and put your big supermarket stocks in the bin and start using these products.

  • Great product, and fantastic to see that it's locally made

  • This is the first time I have purchased stock like this. Usually it’s the little wrapped cubes. Love the ease & convenience of this little jar. The flavour is great too

  • So yummy! Perfect for the soups I’ve been cooking in these cooler months

  • Quality, delicious product! This is such a beautiful product. A great one to just tasty up a boring meal with added health benefits! Yum.

  • Delish!! Absolutely loved the quality and flavour of this product – perfect for winter!

  • I really enjoyed the taste of the vegetable stock – great for cooking and super handy in winter – highly recommend

  • Delicious! Enjoyed this as a base for my soup and it was absolutely delicious

  • LOVE!!! I just love this so much, goes a long way and is probably one of the best stock concentrates I’ve had. Loved the veggie one too!

  • This is my go-to chicken stock. I love placing a teaspoon in my rice when cooking, adds a whole other level of flavour!

  • A great flavour and great in chicken soup

  • Great product! Love being able to use this stock in almost anything

  • The ingredient list is incredible, can’t believe the difference in ingredients compared to the supermarket brands

  • Love! This is like liquid gold. So good & tasty and a little goes a long way

  • Great taste for a veggie stock and can be so versatile, as a broth to drink and in your cooking. Love this brand and sooo healthy

  • Delicious and so natural, great in my pasta dish

  • I enjoy trying different stocks as some are quite bland than others, but this was very tasty, lots of flavour



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